Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Update

Jessica is going to college! She started her first year of college this fall, and she's loving it! And seems to be doing well. (Would she tell me if she wasn’t?) She's going to school close to home, and comes home often (which I'm very thankful for!). She came home this past week for fall break. I quizzed her again about CFS –

I asked her if she has any symptoms, and she said no. She did have a sore throat a few weeks ago, and I think that was due to some stress at the time. She actually said she had a sore throat last week. And she has had a few headaches lately.
I asked her if she limits herself, and she said no…. if she paces herself, and she said no… if she takes naps, and she said no (though she took one Sunday before fall break, several during fall break, one yesterday, one today...). She has rearranged her sleep schedule – because college kids stay up late! – and she stays up late and wakes up later in the morning (to roll out of bed and go to her 9:30 or 10:00 classes).
She stays busy with schoolwork and activities. I worry that she’s too involved and is doing too much, but so far it seems that she’s doing ok. She goes to 2 or 3 different collegiate ministries during the week nights. She’s on the Student Activities Board, but they haven’t been doing much. She's on the pep club. And of course she’s hanging out with friends. She’s even been running some, and just started the Couch to 5K program. Does she still have CFS?

She does still take all her medications. And my husband and I request that she bring her pills back home with her when she comes so that we can fill up the daily pill cases to help ensure that she is taking them. She’s doing pretty good with it. When we went to her doctor’s appointment with Dr. S in August, he encouraged her to continue taking her medicine even when she feels good because it would be harder to get her back to that point if she quit taking her medicine and had a bad crash.

She just got her midterm grades, and she's making A’s and B’s. So she’s studying too!

So, there is hope! Over 3-1/2 years ago, she could barely get out of bed or off the couch and wasn't able to get to school. Right now she's in college, living a fairly normal life, and doing well.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Job?

Jessica just got hired for her very first "real" job - a waitressing job. She originally went because she heard that the restaurant was in need of a hostess. Though that position had been filled, a waitressing position was open.

Jessica believes she can do it. Being a mom, I have concerns. Will it be too much standing? Or too much running around? Or what about the stress of unhappy customers and trying to get everything done to please? I guess we will find out. She reminds me often that she's better. Which she is - better - but this illness doesn't go away. She is determined that she can do this job, and I'm not going to squash her hopes. The job will start with just a few hours, which will be good. The experience of having a real job and learning to save and use her own money will be good. She, of course, wants to be "normal." So we're going to try this....