Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break was last week, and Jessica had a really good spring break - almost like a "normal" teenager! ... At least until the end of the week.

Spring Break consisted of:

  • Friday - picking up her brother, Matthew, from school and surprising him by taking him to a movie - Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Saturday - went to see her horse, Mia (who hasn't gotten much attention this last year), and then to a friend's house to hang out.
  • Sunday - church, prom dress shopping, and then to youth church.
  • Monday - prom dress shopping (found the dress this time!) with me, and go-cart riding with her brother, Matthew.
  • Tuesday - Ok, this was a big test this day. She went to Pinnacle Mountain and hiked up to the top with a few friends. I, being a mom, was concerned about how she would do or how she'd be in a couple of days, but she made it to the top without a problem and, as Jessica told me, she was "doing better" and was "fine."
  • Wednesday - lunch and (Alice in Wonderland) movie day with some of the youth from church. And then she went by the stables and rode her horse.
  • Thursday - Since it was raining, the mission project got moved indoors and Jessica helped clean up and paint the student building.
  • Friday - was a mom and kids day! :) Jessica and Matthew and I took a McDonalds picnic lunch to the park. Matthew played frisbee with a friend while Jessica and I talked and soaked up some sun. Then we went to see How to Train a Dragon at the movies. It was a great day! And then Jessica ended up at a friend's house and spent the night out.
  • Saturday - helped the stable owners walk a colicy horse, visited a friend at her stables, washed her car, and ended the day curled up on the couch (yes, I saw the sign of what was to come) watching The Pursuit of Happiness (a great movie!) with her brother.
And then there's Sunday ...
Sunday, I went to wake Jessica up for breakfast before getting ready for church. She didn't feel good (sore throat and tired). She didn't want to wake up, but she was hungry and asked for breakfast in bed, so I brought it up on a tray. She evidently realized that it was Palm Sunday and she would be missing communion, and decided that she was getting out of bed for that. We all made it to church. She napped that afternoon before making it back for youth services.

Monday she was tired and had a sore throat, but made it through school ok.

Tuesday she couldn't get out of bed for school. She was tired and had a sore throat and was basically unresponsive when we tried to wake her up. So, she stayed home and slept. But made it up and to school before school was halfway over!

Wednesday was back to normal.

So, Jessica got to enjoy being a 16 year old, a good spring break, and the crash was limited.

It's also nice that it's a short 3-day school week this week!