Sunday, June 28, 2009


Maybe I should've kept quiet. I told Jessica today that it had been a little while since she'd had a crash.

Jessica made it through her leadership class Thursday, working at the stables Friday and a lesson, and then a movie with a friend. And then it slowly hit.

Friday evening she got one of those all-of-a-sudden on-one-side headaches.

Saturday she was tired, but we had plans to go to the lake for the day and she wanted to go, so we didn't change our plans. We had a picnic overlooking Lake DeGray. It was a beautiful (and hot) day. But she got another headache and just wasn't feeling well. So, while Steve and Matthew went swimming in the lake, Jessica and I stayed in the car with the air conditioning running. I read a magazine and stayed to keep her company, and she slept and tried to get rid of her headache.

Today (Sunday), Jessica has been very tired. She got up and ate breakfast with us, watched church on tv, and then went back to bed for at least 3 hours. And the rest of the day, she's just been hanging around the house - tired.

This week's leadership class is about teamwork, and they are going on a float trip. For the two days prior, Tuesday and Wednesday, she's to stay low-key. We're hoping she'll make it through the float trip ok.

Do we need to cut something else out or cut something back more? I guess we'll play it by ear for a little while longer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No News Is Good News

No news is good news, or for the most part at least. I've been busy with life and enjoying the summer, and have been slacking in the blogging world. But, Jessica's actually been doing pretty good lately. Maybe having the summer here and school over helps too.

We are so relieved that school is out! And she got all A's! Jessica only got 3-1/2 credits instead of 8 this past year, but hoping this coming year will be much better.

Jessica went to church camp the second week of the summer. This was the same camp that we had to cancel last year because she was too ill. It was a week in Panama City Beach, Florida. Not knowing how she'd do, Steve and Matthew and I made reservations in the area and planned to be nearby if we were needed. She didn't need us. There was one day that she had a headache, and once when she struggled to stay awake during an evening worship, but otherwise she held up really well! They had plenty of free time in the afternoons, so she was able to go back to the cabin and take a nap as needed. They rode go-carts, spent time on the beach or at the pool, went shopping, had group discussions and worship daily, etc. She had so much fun, said the worship was amazing, loved listening to the speaker, and can't wait to go back next year. She slept most of the way home (11 hour drive), but hasn't had a real crash since the trip.

Jessica's plan is to have time to improve even more over the summer so that she'll be able to handle a full school load starting in the fall. But, she's also scheduled a pretty busy summer.

School may be out, but both of the kids still have a summer reading assignment. Matthew, so far, just has a book to read. Jessica has a book to read and an essay to write. (We never had any homework over the summer when I was a kid!)

Jessica also needs to take the ACT this year, so I figure the summer is the best time for her to study for it, when she doesn't have other schoolwork to do. So, we've bought the study manuals and I'm hoping she'll get some study time in.

Our church is offering a leadership class for the next 10 Thursdays (8a.m.-3p.m.), and Jessica will start this Thursday. It is a good opportunity.

She's also started the job that she had to put off last year because she was too ill - working at the stables with the horses - mornings only (8a.m.-11a.m.) - and being paid in lessons. The stable owner would like her there every weekday, but I told her we could see how she does with 2 mornings - Mondays and Fridays. She started last Friday, and her assigned duties that day were basically just feeding the 15 horses - which took 1-1/2 hours since some have to be watched so the dominant ones don't get all the food. Then, they called it a day, and she got her pay - a lesson with Mia. Monday was her second workday, and someone had already started feeding the horses when she got there, but she finished by doing the last pasture. And then doctored a horse's abrasions and one's abscess. (This is good experience for her, since she may become an Equine Vet.) Then, she got her lesson - again, before the three hours was up. The stable owner did bring her an extra snack once, saying she didn't look good. It's been extremely hot and humid here, but she is carrying a jug of water with her.

Jessica is a little tired today. I think she's still recuperating from Monday at the stables. So, today is a take-it-easy day.

Otherwise, the summer includes resting, playing, and just hanging out. Our 3-4 foot deep pool is up in the backyard, and Matthew and Jessica are enjoy playing together!