Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Job?

Jessica just got hired for her very first "real" job - a waitressing job. She originally went because she heard that the restaurant was in need of a hostess. Though that position had been filled, a waitressing position was open.

Jessica believes she can do it. Being a mom, I have concerns. Will it be too much standing? Or too much running around? Or what about the stress of unhappy customers and trying to get everything done to please? I guess we will find out. She reminds me often that she's better. Which she is - better - but this illness doesn't go away. She is determined that she can do this job, and I'm not going to squash her hopes. The job will start with just a few hours, which will be good. The experience of having a real job and learning to save and use her own money will be good. She, of course, wants to be "normal." So we're going to try this....