Monday, May 18, 2009


I've been slacking in the blog world, so here's a brief update.

Jessica missed one day of school on Tuesday May 5th - stayed in bed all day with meals being brought up to her.

Last week, she had a few not-so-good days, but she made it to school every day. Though she did come home and go to bed for a nice long nap a day or two.

Over the last week, Jessica has an ankle bothering her. She fractured this ankle in the fourth grade, and has had a weak ankle ever since. A week ago last Thursday, she was riding her horse, and when it was time to leave, her ankle was hurting - so maybe she twisted it or did something in the stirrups. Three doctors later, we think it's an achilles heel nodule and tendonitis, but no one seems to be sure what to do about it. So, we're wrapping it, trying to stay off of it, and taking anti-inflammatories ... and hoping it's better before her youth trip in three weeks.

We had a busy weekend this past weekend, but a good weekend. Jessica and I spent the night with my parents in order to help with a garage sale the next day. But that meant not sleeping in our own bed, not getting a good night's sleep, and waking up early. When Jessica was helping, she sat in the lawn chair and kept the books, but after a while, she went back in to rest on the couch. Sunday included a trip to Wal-Mart, a meeting at church, Sunday night youth service, followed by an outing with her church Lifegroup friends to the ice cream shop.

So, today (Monday), she's in bed - not feeling well, really tired, sore throat - and missing school. I do wonder though... This weekend was just two busy days; her youth trip will be five straight fun-filled days of activities...


Waterstone Jewelry said...

I'm so glad to get an update from you. I've been wondering how Jessica has been feeling.

I worried about the same thing last year when Jessie went on a mission trip to Chicago, slept on the floor and took care of toddlers all day. She ended up doing fine. Of course, each person is different.

Hope her ankle is mended soon! How much time before she's finished with school?

Renee said...

Jessica is in my thoughts and prayers today. Hope she is strong enough to go through with her adventure coming up!

Us said...

Thanks Lori & Renee!

There's just 2 more weeks of school. Her last day is supposed to be May 28th. Yay! I think we'll all be glad to have finished the school year and for summer to be here.

Sue Jackson said...

Just two weeks left here, too, for Jamie (another week for Craig). We'll be glad to see the end of school, too. Jamie's had a bad week (me, too) and is struggling to finish all this end-of-the-year stuff (plus a couple of remaining make-up projects).

Glad to hear Jessica's been able to get to school most days! That's certainly an improvement from the winter.

Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend -