Sunday, June 28, 2009


Maybe I should've kept quiet. I told Jessica today that it had been a little while since she'd had a crash.

Jessica made it through her leadership class Thursday, working at the stables Friday and a lesson, and then a movie with a friend. And then it slowly hit.

Friday evening she got one of those all-of-a-sudden on-one-side headaches.

Saturday she was tired, but we had plans to go to the lake for the day and she wanted to go, so we didn't change our plans. We had a picnic overlooking Lake DeGray. It was a beautiful (and hot) day. But she got another headache and just wasn't feeling well. So, while Steve and Matthew went swimming in the lake, Jessica and I stayed in the car with the air conditioning running. I read a magazine and stayed to keep her company, and she slept and tried to get rid of her headache.

Today (Sunday), Jessica has been very tired. She got up and ate breakfast with us, watched church on tv, and then went back to bed for at least 3 hours. And the rest of the day, she's just been hanging around the house - tired.

This week's leadership class is about teamwork, and they are going on a float trip. For the two days prior, Tuesday and Wednesday, she's to stay low-key. We're hoping she'll make it through the float trip ok.

Do we need to cut something else out or cut something back more? I guess we'll play it by ear for a little while longer.


Renee said...

I guess this is a great opportunity to see where Jessica's boundaries are and what puts her over the top into a crash. We all have onlly a certain amount of energy and with CFS it does not replenish quickly. So, I guess, looking at the bright side, she did alot...but too setting boundaries may keep it from happening again?

Us said...

We're still learning - learning what the boundaries should be. I did tell her that she couldn't go to the stables tomorrow morning, and that the next two days are to be kept low key. I want her to enjoy being a teenager, enjoy her summer, and take advantage of the opportunities that she has, but also be able to take on school this fall. (And, yes, I am worried about a full load of classes in the fall.)

Thanks, Renee!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura!

we're back! It was so nice to see you all again, and the boys are still talking about how good those smoothies were! We absolutely loved Mt. Magazine and plan to return again next year. The lodge and cabins were gorgeous and looked brand new. When we walked into the lodge to look around, Jamie said, "Let's check-in...forever!" What amazing views. I bet you had a great time there with your family last year - what a perfect place to celebrate a holiday together.

Sorry to hear that Jessica crashed last week. What's nice about summer is that they can experiment a little and push things a bit. If they crash, it's not that big a deal since there's no school to miss. Jamie had some rough days on our trip, but he just read a lot or played his DS and chilled out. Sometimes, after we hiked in the morning, he'd take it easy and rest with me in the camper in the afternoon while Ken and Craig did something. It's so nice to have the pressure of school gone!

Hope Jessica's doing better this week, and you're all enjoying the summer.


Waterstone by Lori Plyler said...

Hi there! Typical summer, so I'm behind in keeping up with my favorite blogs.

It's good to see that Jessica has been able to enjoy the summer. The crashes happen. For us, it seems that extended time in the sun can cause things to flare up a bit. But as you know, each person is different.

I'm with you with the school worries! Jessie starts on Aug. 3rd and I'm already beginning to worry. Hang in there.

Us said...

Hi Sue,

(Sorry I'm so slow at responding.) It was great to see you and your family! I'm so glad that you enjoyed Mt. Magazine. It is gorgeous there; isn't it?!

Jessica has had a pretty good week. Actually a pretty good summer! She's pushed her limits and had some not-as-good days here or there, but she's got to enjoy her summer more too. It is nice not having the pressure of school. I think that makes a big difference!

I hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer.