Saturday, January 16, 2010

Results of the Weekend

On my last post, I said I guess we'll find out if the long evening of ice skating was a good decision...

Monday morning of this week, we could not get Jessica out of bed. She didn't budge. Her throat hurt, head hurt, her head was "stuffy," and she was really tired. She stayed in bed almost all day. I took her lunch up to her, and she ate in bed. She finally got up around 3:30; her head had quit hurting, but her throat still hurt and she was still tired. It was definitely a crash. I believe this was due to the fun night of ice skating, but also due in part to some stress Sunday night caused by teenage drama.

Tuesday she still had a sore throat and tired, but was back at school. Wednesday she wasn't too bad, and even made it to dinner with her lifegroup leader and to church that night, after promising me that she would have a calm mostly-at-home weekend the next weekend. The movie Julie & Julia is supposed to be coming in the mail today, so we can have a relaxing movie night tonight!


Lori said...

Sorry to hear about the crash. I personally think teenage drama is a killer. That always wears Jes out. I recently watch Julie & Julia and loved it. Hope this weekend is good.

Lori said...

I'm way behind on reading blogs after just returning from a trip. Hope Jessica is feeling better and back in school. :)

Dominiqu said...

I just wanted to let you know that I was adding a link to your blog on my blog. I think it will be helpful for people to understand this illness from a mother's perspective. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Us said...


Teenage drama is awful! I guess I blocked it out, because I don't remember all this from when I was a teenager! And it does cause stress which in turn can cause a crash for Jessica.

Julie & Julia was good! Jessica and I enjoyed it. My husband suffered through it....haha.

I hope Jessie's doing ok.

Us said...


Thanks for letting me know about linking my blog. I'm going to go check out yours as well.