Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Golden Girls - Dorothy's lecture to Dr. Budd about CFS

Here is one moment from a Golden Girls show that deals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). You can watch the whole show in parts on YouTube - "The Golden Girls - Sick and Tired." It was a 2 part show that aired in September 1989 (episodes 103 & 104 in season 5). It touches on issues that are still true today which, sadly, includes a lack of understanding and awareness. We need to work hard to raise the awareness.

EDIT: Sorry - YouTube video was removed.


Nessie said...


Thanks for posting this clip! Oddly enough, I've been thinking about this lately, and it was good to see it pop up.

Also, I've passed on a blog award I won to you; I hope you don't mind! It's on my site:

Thanks again.


Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing clip!
I am soo greatful our dd (16) has never experienced this on her cfs journey.

Love Leanne NZ

Julie said...

Yes, a very good reminder that although the programme is 20 years old, so little has changed with the lack of understanding and awareness shown to cfs/me patients. As a fellow sufferer of CFS/ME for the past twelve months, I find sharing my experiences with others helps me feel less isolated and gives me something positive to focus on. To this end, with my family's assistance, we have started our own site. If you visit on the attatched link and like what we are trying to achieve, you might consider exchanging your HTML banner code or your URL so we can advertise on each others sites and hopefully spread the word to a greater audience.
Julie x

Lori said...

I love this! It made me cry - so true. Our neurologist did the same thing once except for the "old" part. lol.

Hope Jessica is doing well. Started school yet? Can you believe the news yesterday???

Laura (aka Mom) said...

Thanks Nessie!!
Thanks Julie!
Leanne - We DID experience this in our journey with my now 17 year old daughter!

Btw, sorry I haven't been on the blog, so hadn't responded, and haven't updated in a while. Hopefully soon though!

Laura (aka Mom) said...

Lori! How are you? And Jessie? I'm excited about yesterday's news!! I brought the Wall Street Journal home today with an article in it. It's progress!

Jessica had a wonderful summer - you would hardly even know that she was sick. School started last Thursday, and I've seen a change in the last few days, and she even had a sore throat this morning (her sign...).

I hope you and your family are doing well.

dominique said...

THAT was wonderful! She said everything I have always wanted to say to my doctors! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! This is a keeper for me. I'm posting i t to my youtube channel!

alyssa said...

thanks for posting this clip. it made me laugh, cry and cheer. it's so sad thats its still the same but also a reminder that we take enough crap and we should all have the courage and the chance to do the same and not let it hit you hours later when you get home exhausted and dazed

love alyssa, australia