Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Job?

Jessica just got hired for her very first "real" job - a waitressing job. She originally went because she heard that the restaurant was in need of a hostess. Though that position had been filled, a waitressing position was open.

Jessica believes she can do it. Being a mom, I have concerns. Will it be too much standing? Or too much running around? Or what about the stress of unhappy customers and trying to get everything done to please? I guess we will find out. She reminds me often that she's better. Which she is - better - but this illness doesn't go away. She is determined that she can do this job, and I'm not going to squash her hopes. The job will start with just a few hours, which will be good. The experience of having a real job and learning to save and use her own money will be good. She, of course, wants to be "normal." So we're going to try this....


Sue Jackson said...

WOW!! How exciting...and scary, too. I totally understand your concerns.

Waitressing can be especially tiring - I hope it's not a real busy place.

I sincerely hope she can handle it and it goes well for her. It's such an exciting step! With summer coming, I was just thinking about the same thing, but I don't think Jamie's up to it...unless it were something easy-going.

And, hey, don't give up on the idea of recovery. It DOES happen, and the odds are actually pretty good for teens who get CFS triggered by mono - I've read studies showing some DO recover with the first few years.

I hope it goes well - keep me up to date!!