Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Happiness Award

I'm happy and honored to report that I was awarded The Happiness Award. My friend, Sue Jackson, of Learning to Live With CFS passed this award on to me a couple of days ago. Check out her very informative, encouraging and excellent blog with all kinds of tidbits throughout. So, thank you Sue!

Now for my 10 (or so) things that make me happy:

  • The grace and mercy of my Lord and Savior
  • My family - I am a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful husband and such good kids. I love them so!
  • The laughter of my kids, and knowing that they are healthy and happy.
  • A Starbucks coffee date with my husband.
  • Watching movies with my family.
  • Friendships and quality time with people I love and love me in return. You know the five love languages? - Mine is definitely Quality Time Together!
  • Sunshine! - Now that spring's practically here, it's really good to see!
  • The chirping of the birds - Again, I can tell it's spring.
  • Springtime! And the flowers blooming.
  • Our pets, especially the dogs and their unconditional love and tail-wagging.
  • The water - i.e. the lake or the ocean/beach
  • Mountain views / nature
  • Learning this past year that I can be a runner and reach the finish line
  • Chocolate
  • Christmas!
There are many bloggers that I could and should pass this award on to including: all those that I follow, Sue at Learning to Live With CFS, Lori at Living Chronically (which is about her daughter of the same age and name as mine) which is subtitled as "A Story of Hope" and What's After 29?,
the Gracerunner Journal (a running blog with a Christian message), and my daughter who is a tremendous inspiration.


Sue Jackson said...

A great list, Laura!

I agree on the water - I absolutely love being near the water and especially the ocean - the sound of the waves and the smell of the salt water instantly relaxes me. Too bad Ken hates the beach!

Hope you guys have a good weekend. Craig should start to feel better this afternoon (rough night last night), so hopefully, we will too!


Us said...

I love the beach! If Ken doesn't want to go, we can go together! ;) I'm glad that Steve enjoys it too.

Jessica didn't feel well for a little while last night, but seems to be fine today. I hope you and the boys are doing ok, and have a good weekend!


Renee said...

Fun to read your list!

Us said...

Thanks Renee! I hope you're doing ok.