Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday 3/31/08

Jessica had a rough first day back to school after spring break. She came home feeling really bad - headache, sore throat, exhausted, etc. She said she wanted to call me during dance class, but didn't want to miss science. She's had a sore throat this whole year with the mono. We've eaten dinner early (she thought eating something would help her head), and she went to bed to take at nap. She had a lot of homework/studying to do for a test for tomorrow, so I planned on waking her up to get her homework done before bedtime.

I had trouble waking Jessica back up from her nap. She was so out of it that she started to cry when I tried harder to wake her up. After a while, I managed to get her up and have helped her with civics while she's studying for science.