Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday 3/4/08

We went to the doctor's appointment at Children's Hospital today. It was a lady doctor, and she seemed good. Basically she didn't tell us anything different though. It is Epstein Barr mono. She said some people have it for a couple of months. (We're in our 9th week.) She said it looked like from the blood work done previously that Jessica's mono had peaked and was on the road to getting better. She said there is a chronic mono, so she drew more blood just to confirm that she doesn't have that and is getting better. We'll hear the results from that at the end of the week. She liked how she was going to school half days. Her spleen had gone down, and she said she could ride Mia for a short time. And to listen to her body and see what she feels like doing. She said she needs to do things gradually, so she doesn't end up back in bed. She said something about it could take another month to get back up to speed. Today Jessica felt good and had a good day. But she's been having a couple of good days followed by a couple of bad days.