Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday 3/2/08

We made it three hours yesterday at the horsemanship show. I thought Jessica would last longer. I had dropped the kids off at the door so she didn't have to walk. And we were just sitting watching. At 12:30 during the lunch break, Jessica told me she didn't feel good and wanted to go home. You know she doesn't feel good if she asked to go home from that that she's been looking so forward to for months, and had a friend with her on top of that. She came home and slept for two hours and still felt tired.

Today - This morning I thought she was ok when she got up, but before long she was feeling sick and back in bed. She started crying because she knew she didn't feel like going. (She hardly ever cries.) I hate that!! I had to call her friend for her, and Steve and Matthew went ahead and went. She's sleeping now. She's looked forward to going to this horsemanship show so much; I hate that she can't be there. Steve and Matthew took the camera, and took her plastic horses that she wanted signed.

Jessica took two naps today, and is starting to wind down again. Steve and Matthew are back from the horse show. They stayed all day. Jessica's happy that they were able to get autographs for her, and pictures. The part of the horse show that we did get to see though was really good!