Monday, April 6, 2009

Here We Are Again

Jessica seemed to have a pretty good time at the bonfire Friday night. It turned out that it was also a going away party for a boy at church, and it looked like there were quite a few people there. I dropped her off at 7:00 and picked her up at 9:30. When I picked her up, she said they had been playing football! Football?! I'm thinking that probably wasn't the best idea for her, but I guess she had fun and that's important. She said she was the quarterback so she didn't have to do as much.

Saturday the kids helped me do some much-needed house cleaning. (I can't seem to keep up!) Jessica cleaned up after Pumpkin (her rabbit) and folded some clothes. And then after Jessica finished her homebound Health class homework, I took her to see Mia. She played with her on the ground and rode a little. We had dinner plans with my parents, so that made sure that we didn't stay at the stables but a short time.

Sunday, Jessica was sore and achey. Getting us to church has been hard, because mornings are hard for Jessica. Yesterday was the first day in a while that all four of us made it to church, and she went not feeling so good, but she went! And it was good.

Today, Monday, Jessica was again really sore. She said she felt like it was getting worse instead of better. I guess I can't blame it on the football, as I look back on my posts and see that she started getting sore the day before that. She did make it to school today, even though she wasn't feeling her best. After school she laid on the couch and asked if she could dictate her homework to me. But she only got through a little of it when she gave up, said she was done, curled up and fell asleep beside me on the couch. We'll try to finish the homework a little later.


Renee said...

Oh, so sorry she ended up worse after her fun time with she a delayed reactor too? I know that when I do something out of my energy envelope, I don't feel the full impactt until a couple of days later.
Sure hope today she woke up feeling better and able to get back to her routine today!!!! It has to be so hard for her to CFS when she is so young. You are a blessing in her life as she is for you!

Us said...

Hi Renee,

Thanks for the note and the well-wishes. Yes, she's a delayed reactor. It usually doesn't hit her until a couple days after the fact. I wondered if that was just normal for everyone with CFS.

She's still sore today, but seems to be feeling better, and is at school now.

She's a strong girl, so she's holding up through it all really well. Better than I would I'm sure! Thank you for your kindness.

I hope you're having a decent week.

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura!

Sorry for being so out of touch lately. I've been very sick for about 5 weeks now (maybe a little better today?), and we went to CT for Easter weekend.

Jamie also often complains of feeling "sore all over" when he's been too active or crashes.

I "met" an 18-year old girl through my blog. She's had CFS for a little over a year and is trying Valcyte. I gave her your blog address - she doesn't seem to know many other teens with CFS or have many sources of support. Hope that's OK!


Us said...

Hi Sue,

I'm sorry you've been so sick lately! I hope you can get past this soon.

I didn't realize that the soreness was part of this, but I was beginning to think so. It's happened a few times lately.

Sure - it's fine if you give out my website address.