Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holy Week

After Jessica's not-so-good day on Monday, the rest of the week was pretty good.

The kids and I had Friday off for Good Friday, which was nice. We ended up at the stables, so Jessica could get in her Mia time. Then a quiet Friday night movie night at home watching Meet Dave.

Saturday we went to the movies - Jessica with a friend to see Hannah Montana, and Matthew and I to see Monsters vs. Aliens. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out around the house.

Sunday, Jessica woke up a little sore and a little tired, but it was Easter Sunday and she pushed on for all four of us to make it to church. After lunch, Matthew told us that we had to hunt Easter eggs as we do every Easter. After we each took at least one turn hiding the eggs and finding them, Jessica plopped in "her chair" to rest. I'm not sure that she felt like getting out, but we had dinner plans with the family that night, and she held up ok. It was a good Easter.