Friday, April 3, 2009

Ups and Downs

It's been a so-so week, a week of ups and downs, but not too bad. Monday started with a really bad headache - so bad that she wanted to take her new headache prescription not too long after taking ibuprofen - that's how bad she felt. She was also tired and had a sore throat, and stayed home from school - in bed trying to sleep off her headache. By evening she was upright on the couch, but still not feeling well.

Tuesday she was still a little tired, but no headache, and was back in school for her two classes.

Wednesday she might've been a little tired that morning, but was better and even wanting to take advantage of the nice weather to go see Mia after school.

Thursday, the kids were out of school for parent / teacher conferences. Jessica was pretty tired and not feeling too perky. She tried to work on homework that morning and fell asleep and took a nap. That afternoon and evening, she struggled to get through her homework as she lacked any focus. She was sore and achey by evening.

Jessica and I went to meet with her advisor at school to plan her schedule for next year. We don't know what she will be able to handle next year, but Jessica has hopes of getting better over the summer. She also wants to be in pre-ap classes. She planned her schedule herself - a full day of school, pre-ap classes, 2 science classes (since she didn't get one in this year), etc. We can always adjust it in the fall if we need to. One semester at a time; one day at a time...

Friday (today) Jessica hasn't been too bad. Still a little sore, and maybe a little tired. But she's off to a bonfire with friends tonight.


Waterstone Jewelry said...

Sounds like things began to look up as the week went on. I hope she had fun last night.

Ugh, schedules. Jessie just picked her electives for next year. We're not even discussing the other right now. Guess I need to meet with the counselor. Blah.

Have a good weekend.

Renee said...

Really hope she can take the classes she wants to next year...and that her bonfire with friends was great fun! All we get is one day at a time isn't it. Seems so unfair that such a young special girl has to go through so much.