Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mono Again?

Matthew's been home sick for the past 2 days, with a sore throat, coughing, and just not feeling good. But he hasn't had any fever, so I haven't taken him to the doctor. I figured it was allergies or sinuses or something like that.

Jessica had a doctor's appointment today with the nurse practitioner at our family doctor's office. I'd prefer our regular doctor because he knows all of our history, but he was booked. Flu season, ya know. I was taking Jessica to the doctor to have a spot on her hand checked that was hurting her. It seems to be a cyst. But, she's also had a really bad sore throat yesterday and today, which she says is not her "normal" sore throat, so we had that checked too. The nurse said it is red with drainage, but didn't look like strep. Jessica found out earlier today that a friend of hers was diagnosed with mono this morning, so they pricked Jessica's finger to check, just in case. And, she tested positive for mono! Again!

How can we do this again? She had at least a mono-like virus in January of 2007. And then had EBV mono in January of 2008, which started all of this [CFS] where we are now. What does it mean for someone with CFS to get mono? I asked that question of the nurse practitioner and she said "it's not good." What does that mean?

Jessica actually doesn't feel bad right now except for a really bad sore throat. Will the fatigue hit later, or will the medications that she's on now help it not to be bad?

I think Jessica's more upset that she can't ride her horse for 4 weeks!


Fibro Viv said...

I am sorry to hear about your challenge with CFS. I was also feeling badly with a sore throat, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, lack of focus, brain fog, pain...just to name a few symptoms. My recent visit to the doctor included a blood test that indicated high Epstein Barr and RA.

I am back to pacing, keeping a journal, supplements, medications and everything that goes with ME/CFS and FMS.

I will add you to my prayer list.


Lori said...

Oh my gosh. I'm sorry to hear about that and, excuse me, but the nurse practitioner says, "it's not good" and doesn't elaborate? I'm asking just as many questions as you are. My prayers will certainly be with Jessica.

Us said...

Thanks Viv. I wish you the best. Thank you for your prayers!

Us said...


I asked the nurse practitioner a second time and got the same answer. My thoughts then were - is it something she doesn't want to say in front of Jessica?

Jessica feels "blah" and her throat hurts and coughing some, but she just got up, and said she is planning on going in to school late.

Thanks again!

Renee said...

So sorry to hear Jessica is having to deal with mono now too....Hope and pray that she can heal quickly from frustrating and sad for her! Hope you have been able to find CFS support in this. God bless.

Lori said...

Good for her heading back to school. Maybe this will pass without much incident.

My first thought was the same - that she didn't want to say anything in front of Jessica. My second thought is this, doesn't someone who has had mono still carry the virus, but it's dormant? Maybe it's just flared a bit, or she tested positive because it's there anyway. I don't know, just speculating.

Keep us posted. As I said earlier, you're in our prayers.

Us said...


Thank you! And, you all (in the blogging world) are our CFS support! :)


Us said...


I asked the nurse practitioner if it could be positive from a previous time with mono, and she said no - that this was new. Jessica has tested negative since her last time with mono (in January of 2008). But I talked to our regular doctor yesterday, and he said sometimes these tests aren't the most accurate things, so he wants to test her again in a week.

She's feeling so-so, but she's at school!

Thanks again,