Friday, September 11, 2009

Mono or Not, It's Something

Jessica got to school Thursday by 9:30 and made it through the day, and made it through a full day today (Friday). She didn't finish all of her homework (Creative Writing 2nd draft of an essay) the night before since she didn't feel well, but she made it to class.

Since we had our doctor's appointment with the nurse practitioner instead of our regular doctor, I talked with our doctor the next day. He said we need to watch and see how she does clinically - worsening fatigue, fever, etc. Then he wants to test her again in a week, saying that the rapid tests aren't always the most accurate.

She's been feeling so-so - coughing, sore throat, kind of blah feeling - but didn't seem too fatigued for it to be mono, or not too bad. Until tonight...

Tonight, she seems to be worse and said she doesn't feel very good. She's got more cold symptoms (sniffing, coughing...).

She's signed up to take the ACT test tomorrow morning. It's a four hour test. (I actually submitted a request to get her extended time because of her CFS, but it was denied.) I'm not sure if she's going to be up to it or not.


Lori said...

Poor thing. Hang in there.

Sue Jackson said...

I hope she was feeling better this morning for her test. We were able to get accommodations for Jamie for all the college board tests - I can't imagine why Jessica's request was turned down. Jamie's guidance counselor took care of coordinating and submitting the request.

Hope today is better!

Us said...

Thanks guys!

Sue, I don't remember exactly what the rejection letter said, but something about they didn't think CFS affected life functions. I could have appealed it, but at the time it was too late to still get in for the September test. Do you remember what you sent in to get accomodations? We'll be trying again.

Jessica made it to the test, but has cold symptoms and coughing. She said the test was stressful, and she didn't finish the math or science.