Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Still Going...

We're at the start of the third full week of school - full days - and so far, Jessica hasn't missed a day; though Thursdays have been a little rougher.

Jessica is taking Creative Writing class this semester. She picked this class and she loves it, but Wednesday evening and Thursday evening I found her in her room trying to do her Creative Writing homework, but having writer's block - or an inability to focus. She's had trouble with focusing, due to her CFS, and this is one class that will be hard on occasions like that.

We actually went to two football games this Labor Day weekend - the high school football game Friday night, and the Razorback game Saturday night. Jessica hung out with her friends in the student section Friday night at the game and seemed to do fine. She missed so much of this last year, and it's good to see her able to participate more this year.

Saturday night, she was tired, but wanted to go to the game and made it through that one just fine too - though we did consider getting a ride home at halftime (and letting the guys stay).

Sunday morning, though, she shuffled downstairs and plopped in her chair. She didn't feel good - tired with a really bad sore throat. So, we stayed home from church, and let her rest. She even passed at my parent's offer of chinese lunch buffet. But, by that evening she was able to go to the youth services at church.

So, like the Energizer Bunny takes a licking and keeps on ticking, Jessica's still going and doing pretty good.


Sue Jackson said...

Glad that Jessica was able to enjoy some fun this weekend!

Us said...

Thanks Sue!

I hope you're having a good day and a good week.