Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday 2/8/08

Jessica has been sick for the past 5 weeks (starting 1/6/08) with pnuemonia and then mono - weak, tired (worn out), difficulty breathing, and side hurting (from enlarged spleen), etc. She was having difficulty breathing in the evenings. I'm not talking about being stopped up, but it was like she couldn't get enough air and she was huffing and puffing, panting, fast breathing all night long like she'd run in a race until she was so worn out that she finally went to sleep. Today at her (6th!) doctor's appointment, they got results showing that she has Epstein Barr Mono, which can last 6 months. I guess she'll have her good days and bad days, and there's nothing we can do except rest and wait it out. And she'll go to school as she can, which may mean coming home every day during lunch and dance class to sleep. Please pray for her speedy recovery and strength.