Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday 2/13/08

Evidently there's nothing you can do for mono except rest, lots of rest. Jessica stayed home this morning, couldn't make it to school again. So, I stayed home for a while, slept, and my mom came over and relieved me. Jessica made it to science class at 1:30.

Her teachers have been great. I had emailed her science teacher today saying that she was coming in for science class, but she wasn't ready for today's test and could she take yesterday's test instead. He called me saying she didn't have to come in if she didn't feel up to it, and he was exempting her from today's test. Her civics teacher has also exempted her from some tests. I've emailed and sent several notes and doctor's notes. The last one covered the next couple of weeks, and she will just go to school as she can. Her spleen is enlarged, but they did an ultrasound last week, and evidently they've seen them a whole lot bigger. (Hers was a 14; should be a 12; but they've been as large as 22.) She just has to be careful not to get it hit or do anything physical. Evidently hers is hurting some because she has a small frame. We want her to be well!