Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday 2/21/08

My daughter has been sick with mono for the past 6-1/2 weeks. She's been weak, tired (worn completely out), her legs like noodles, and her body like jello, had difficulty breathing, and side hurting (from enlarged spleen), etc. The doctor said this can last 6 months. I guess she'll have her good days and bad days; and there's nothing we can do except rest and wait it out, which makes me feel helpless. She goes to school as she can.

Yesterday and today haven't been good days for Jessica. My mom stayed with her for part of the day yesterday, and said that was the worst she's seen her. But of course she hadn't seen her a few weeks ago in the evenings. I took her to the doctor yesterday to do blood work and check for flu since her whole body was hurting. No flu, but the mono was still positive and her white blood count was low. I just stayed home all day today. She was worn out, her legs like noodles, and didn't want to get up to get out of bed at all. 6-1/2 weeks is a long time of this! There's evidently nothing they can do. So she just sleeps it off.

She had what they decided was mono last year, but it wasn't this bad or this long.