Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday 2/29/08

Actually, today and yesterday have been pretty good days for Jessica. She came home at lunch (Lucy brought her), but she didn't go to sleep. So, a couple of days without a nap! Yesterday we even went to see Mia after school/work, and she played with her some on the ground. (The doctor said she can't ride her yet.) We went to the doctor Wednesday for more tests, and her white blood count was back up in the normal range. He said he thought she'd peaked and was going to be getting better. At the time, I was skeptical, because we've thought she was getting better before too, only to have setbacks. But we have had 2 good days since. I hope she is getting better! Of course by 8:00 last night she was really tired and ready for bed. The doctor had set up an appointment next Tuesday with an Infectious Disease doctor at Children's Hospital just to confirm that there wasn't anything else going on.