Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday 5/29/08

My parents came over today to be with Jessica while I was at work. She's really doing good today, but I know she likes the company. She worked on school work. We're down to the wire to get it all done. We may only get the homebound teacher one more day (2 hours), and we possibly have 3 more finals to do. It will be nice when school's out and summer's here!!

Jessica is having a good day today! She has been having more good days it seems. But we just had to break her heart and tell her that she couldn't go on the youth group trip to Florida in a week and a half, and then email the youth pastor to cancel her trip. She really wanted to go. She's been holding out hoping and thinking she'd be able to go. But it's a full schedule and so far away! I couldn't go get her or get there quickly to take care of her. And she's better if her activity is limited, and I know they'll stay busy with lots of activities, late nights and early morning praise and worship on the beach, etc. I hate that she'll miss it!...