Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday 5/21/08

I went to work today for my one day this week. (I'm on leave of absence, but asked to come in one day a week for the important things, like getting bills paid and payroll done.)

Jessica was tired today, but better than yesterday. At about 9:45a.m., I got a text message from her saying "My throat hurts bad and im still a little tired. Im laying in bed reading." My parents came over to be with her and help out. My mom said she looked tired and that you could tell she felt worse than the weekend. She took a short nap this afternoon.

But she did work on her homework some, and she and my mom cut out a pattern for a new horse blanket for Mia. Steve would like for us to go see him play softball with his firm tonight, but Jessica's probably not quite up to it, so the kids and I will stay home.


Sue Jackson said...

Sorry to hear Jessica is having a rough week, but it sounds as if the school situation is much better now that she has a homebound instructor. Hope she perks up a bit.

Busy week here, but everyone is still on their feet!


Us said...

Thanks Sue. Well, the week gets better with each day!

I'm glad that you all are doing well!