Friday, February 6, 2009

But You Don't Look Sick

I just read a very interesting perspective on a chronic disability. The idea is called The Spoon Theory -

Those dealing with an invisible illness like CFS/CFIDS can relate to this story. And probably have gotten reactions like the title of the website - "But You Don't Look Sick."


Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Laura -

Yes, the Spoon Theory is a wonderful way to explain what CFS is like!

Sorry to hear about Jessica's headaches. It sounds like something you should talk to the doctor about. My doctor is always telling me not to ignore new or worsening symptoms. Even though it's possible it's "just" CFS, she says I should never assume that everything is CFS-related.

I hope she's able to enjoy her weekend (and you,too!)


Renee said...

It is very good isn't it Laura. I think it makes so much sense.

Us said...

Thanks, and I hope you both have a good weekend.

Sue, I did email Jessica's doctor this morning, but I won't hear back until next week. Their office is closed on Fridays. She's better today, so that is good!!

PJ said...

What a great way to describe CFS ... it's my pet peeve when people say, "but you don't look sick!"