Friday, February 13, 2009

A Reason To Celebrate!

So far this semester, Jessica is holding up much better with her 2 afternoon classes. This is the exact point in the semester last semester (6 weeks into it) where she went to homebound. Last fall she'd missed 14 days to this point. This semester she's missed 8 days. (Some of those are partial.) And that's counting the fact that she had bronchitis for 4 of those days a couple of weeks ago. She's got A's in both of her classes. And this week's been a good week. She made it through her whole school week this week!

It really does a mom/parent good when her kids are happy and healthy! I can't help but share the good news!


Renee said...

FASTASTIC!!! So happy for her.

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Yeah for Jessica! Congratulations!

Shelli said...

Congratulations! You know you're doing the right things when you start to get your life back. Here's to more improvements!