Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday 2/4/09

Just before school, Jessica had a headache, one that came on all of a sudden. She went on to school, but by the time the second class started, I got a text message saying she didn't feel good. So I picked her up early. She came home and slept.

She wasn't feeling good, but still had extensive vocabulary words for History and 2 chapters to read with study questions for English. So, I tried to help with History. She types her vocabulary words on the computer, since we've found that it was hard for her to sit with her feet dangling at a desk/table for a long period of time, and her fingers hurt and swell from too much writing. But somehow after typing all but 4 of them and saving as we went, we lost all the changes we'd made today! It was late, and time to go to bed, and start again tomorrow. At least she go her English homework finished.