Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday 2/5/09

Jessica made it through school today, but has a headache. She's sleeping on the couch now (5:30p.m.). She says it hurts just on the right side of her head. Why is that? Does that mean something? It seems that she's been having more headaches lately.


Renee said...

Hi Laura
Does she also have shoulder stiffness or muscle tightness in her neck? I get headaches on one side of my head when having shoulder stiffness...sometimes TMJ is a part of it or it could be an allergy she is getting exposed to at school or home?
These are just ideas...each of us is so different in how we manefest symptoms. Exhaustion can bring them on too....anyway, she is in my thoughts today.

Us said...

Hi Renee,

She hasn't said anything about shoulder or muscle stiffness. I'll ask. She has had TMJ, but going to an orthodontist for that and it has been better in the last year and a half.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I hope you are doing ok today.

Renee said...

Hope and pray she is better today, Laura....she has such courage!

Us said...

Thanks Renee! I think she has so much courage too! Probably doing much better than I would!
She had a rough night, but seems to be better today, and is off to school.

I hope you are doing ok today. Thanks for thinking of us!