Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Day of Spring Break

Jessica was a little tired this morning, but she said, with it being the last day of spring break, she should be able to do what she wanted - which, of course, was going to see Mia. So, she and I went to the stables. She played on the ground with her, played at liberty, and then got on and rode a little. Mia did well, Jessica was happy, and got in her Mia time. And she drove "her" car out there. When we got home the guys were outside playing ball, and they went to the park to the basketball courts. The last hoorah of spring break.

But it wasn't long after we got home, that Jessica said she had a headache. So tonight, she's tired and just not feeling well, with a headache.

Tomorrow's the start of a new school day, but at least it's a 4 day week - with Friday being a teacher / parent conference day to plan for next year. Something for us to be thinking about...


Waterstone Jewelry said...

UGH next year. I've just begun to sleep again after agonizing for the past week. After getting past my pity party, I realized that things will somehow work out. I know that they will for you too.

Have a good week.