Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday 6/24/08

Jessica was so bad yesterday that I slept in her room with her last night. But today seems to be better. She's up, had a shower, and dressed! But still tired.

Oh, and she has been able to take her pills/capsules today! I think she decided the powder inside the capsules tasted too bad not to try.

Matthew is sick. He woke me up at 2a.m. with a fever, sore throat, etc. He has 101.4 fever today. The doctor did a strep throat swab today that turned out negative. But with our circumstances, the doctor seems to be afraid to take any chances...

Added at 7:30p.m.: By late afternoon, Jessica was completely worn out, practically having to roll onto the floor from her bed just to get up, breathing heavy, having trouble getting enough air. She doesn't feel well. They both don't feel well.

I've noticed that Jessica is getting dizzy more frequently when she stands up. She's noticed it too. We're going to start the Florinef tomorrow that is supposed to help with that.