Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday 6/3/08

Today wasn't a very good day.

I went to work this morning for a few hours. When I heard from Jessica after she was awake, she said she was ok but had a headache. She didn't take anything for it until I got home at noon. After lunch, though she didn't want to, I had her go lay down. She slept for 2 hours. She woke up still tired and her head hurting. Her throat has been hurting some today too.

Before the homebound teacher got here, I quizzed her on her civics. But she obviously wasn't feeling well, couldn't think straight, couldn't remember what she studied today, and was getting frustrated. Today was the last day, so we didn't have another option but to take the test today. (The dance/p.e. teacher sprung a final test on her today too after telling me and the homebound teacher both that there wouldn't be one.) Hopefully Jessica did well. But it's over! We made it through 9th grade! And it is a relief for this semester to be finished.

Dr. A's office called today. The results of the saliva test have come back, and the doctor wants to see Jessica again. We have an appointment for next Thursday. Hopefully we'll get treatment started to get her feeling better.