Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday 6/25/08

Today has been awful! It started out with a scare - with Jessica feeling like her throat was closing up. It's evidently not closing up, but hurting really bad! She's feeling so bad today that I haven't pushed her to take her pills, except just the anti-virals and started the Florinef. The vitamins and supplements were not worth stressing over today. She's completely worn out! So very weak! She's stayed in bed all day.

An intern from the church youth group called Jessica today to invite her to join some of the girls at her house tomorrow. I heard Jessica telling the girl about her illness, the fact that it will not go away, and that she "can hardly do anything right now."

I emailed the Dallas doctor today about the horrible herx reaction. He said "Although it feels bad, it indicates the severity of the problem we are treating, and the crucial need to treat it as it can get worse. There is no danger with the Herxheimer reaction; it is just very unpleasant, much like side effects from chemo therapy." We've got to stick this out...