Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday 8/16/08

Today was our last Saturday of the summer before school starts. And we wanted to make the most of it together. So, we planned a day trip to the lake for swimming and fishing. And my parents joined us. The weather was perfect. The lake was so peaceful! It was a good day. Jessica pushed on for the fun. But she is tired! I hope she feels ok tomorrow.

Jessica's been able to sleep in all summer. Today I tried to wake her up at 8:30a.m. to take her pills, so we could get on with the day. She didn't budge, didn't respond. I gave up. It was kind of reminiscent of several months ago when trying to get her up for school without success. School starts in 2 days.

Added at 10:30p.m.: While putting Jessica to bed tonight, she asked me how long the IV was supposed to last, because she thinks it is wearing off. She said she doesn't feel good, her whole body is worn out, and her head hurts.