Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday 8/27/08 - 504 Plan

Steve & I had a meeting today with the school administrators to discuss a 504 Plan (an accommodation plan backed by federal law) for Jessica. And it went well! They were so nice! They basically said, without hesitation, that she was eligible for the 504 Plan. It's a legal document and the teachers get a copy, so that should help us. We got included: extra parent-excused absences (15 instead of 4), that absences won't count against her grade (because the Algebra teacher had in her rules that 5% of the grade was based on attendance and participation), extra time for work, and that she can dictate her homework to me to type if needed (because of the trouble with the History homework last week). We can meet again anytime and change it. They were flexible and so understanding. I'm so relieved!

Jessica's tired tonight, but made it through both classes for 3 days this week!