Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Trip to the Ozark Mountains

We just got back from 3-1/2 days at a cabin in the Ozarks. And Jessica did pretty good!

The plan was to relax, enjoy the peacefulness, and a change of scenery! The cabin was rustic - no tv, and we didn't even miss it! Guests frequently see deer or elk grazing in the pasture below the deck, but we didn't see any. We saw 5 deer while driving around during our stay, and lots of squirrels and hummingbirds.

Wednesday 7/2/08
We left late so we didn't get there until close to 5:00. Jessica wanted to go alone with Steve to the grocery store, and then we grilled hamburgers.

Thursday 7/3/08
We went fishing in the beautiful Buffalo River. Then came back to the cabin for sandwiches. Then went back to the Buffalo for swimming. We were able to drive our car down to the bank to unload and so Jessica didn't have to walk much. Jessica floated in a tube. When I jumped on with her, she jokingly told me that the tube was for the sick, and then said she was going to be sick forever. (In other words, I didn't ever get it!) She later told me that she "knew [because of what the doctor told us] that she would have this forever, but when she's on the medicine she won't even notice that she's sick."

This evening Matthew grilled hot dogs for us, and then we played Outburst Jr. (Jessica and Steve won.) Jessica was tired, but held up ok otherwise.

Friday 7/4/08

It stormed in the night, but let up this morning, but also left the river muddier and cold! We went fishing again. Steve and Matthew had a run in with a snake. Steve broke his fishing rod casting. And Steve had to wade into the cold water after a few stuck lures. We came back for lunch. Jessica was tired, and getting a headache, so we tried to get her to stay at the cabin with me while just the boys went fishing again, but she said she "didn't like being left out." So we all went back.

This evening we made a little over an hour trip to Eureka Springs to the Great Passion Play - a cast of hundreds performing an outdoor presentation of Christ’s last days on earth, death and resurrection. The play didn't get over till 10:30 getting us back to our cabin at almost midnight, but it was well worth seeing! I checked on Jessica several times throughout the play to see if we needed to leave, but she didn't want to. She was tired, but ok.

Saturday 7/5/08

Today was our last day. We checked out, and then headed back to the Buffalo River for one last time. We fished. (No one caught anything the whole trip!) The water was very cold after the rain, but that doesn't bother Matthew! So Steve braved the cold to get in and swim with him.

We stopped by Cliff House Inn Restaurant overlooking the Arkansas Grand Canyon. Steve, knowing that I'm scared of heights, waited until we were back in the car to tell me that the restaurant was on stilts! The view was beautiful though.

Tonight we had friends come over for fireworks and orange crush ice cream. Matthew's been looking forward to this for days! Jessica said she was a little tired and had a little sore throat, but she held up pretty well.