Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday 7/31/08

We met with the school counselor and then the Special Education Department today, and it went better than I could've hoped for! Her counselor is great! And she sympathized, and even hugged me when we left.

They basically said they'd do whatever we needed! The counselor suggested that we cut Jessica's class schedule for the fall back from 4 1-1/2 hour classes to just 2 classes. I didn't know that was an option. She showed us how that wouldn't get us behind (if it doesn't continue like that semester after semester of course). We took her out of pre-ap just for this semester, and she's going to take Algebra II, and U.S. History. The counselor handpicked her teachers, and made them afternoon classes. If it turns out that she can't do them both, then she can do U.S. History at home online or with a homebound teacher. They're going to set up a meeting next week with the 504 Coordinator, the counselor and us to work out her 504 (Disability) Plan. She said an extra set of textbooks for home wouldn't be a problem, they'd give us extra parent excuses for absences, and they could put in there for the teacher to give Jessica the teacher's review notes. Jessica's not happy with us for taking her out of pre-ap, because it makes her feel less smart, but she likes that she doesn't have to work to get to school and can get there after lunch.

Jessica was so-so today, a little tired, kind of draggy. I guess she's making up for the shopping. We had to go to an eye doctor's appointment today, since she's had trouble seeing the writing at the front of the classroom. So, she'll be getting glasses/contacts soon.