Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday 7/22/08

Jessica was so-so today. Today was my day off. It's also been declared Mia's birthday. Since she's a rescue horse, we don't know her real birthday. And today is in the middle of Jessica's and Matthew's birthdays. So, we went out to the stables to wish her a happy birthday! When Jessica got in the car, first thing, she said she was tired. There was no riding or anything strenuous today.

Last night I asked Jessica if she thought she could make it through a full day of school now, and she said no. School's just a few weeks away, so we're starting to weigh our options, which seem to be:

  • Send her to school for regular classes to see how she does. But if we have to change it, it may be hard to get the classes she needs later when they’ve started and are full.
  • Change her classes to less stressful classes. Right now she has 4 pre-ap or ap (advanced placement) classes. Should I move her down to the regular classes? Should I get her out of Spanish, because she can’t seem to remember very well right now? Her schedule currently is:
    U.S. History (AP)
    English (Pre-AP)
    Algebra II (Pre-AP)
    Science - Biology (Pre-AP)
    Spanish I & II (all year)
    Health (9 weeks)
    Digital Photography (9 weeks)
    Word Processing
  • Send her to school for a half day, and do the rest at home using a homebound teacher 4 hours a week. Wouldn’t this still leave her with the same amount of work? Also, I’d have to convince our school district that they have to allow partial days.
  • Do all at home with a homebound teacher, still only 4 hours a week (all the school district allows). This would require doing most of it on her own.
  • Homeschool her. I homeschooled her for kindergarten and half of first grade, but that was easier! 10th grade classes would probably require me to learn a lot as I taught her. It would also probably mean me quitting my job and losing that income, which we could do with pinching pennies.
What do we do? This can be a lonely road.

Tonight it's more apparent that she's tired.