Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday 7/1/08

The last few days, Jessica has felt so-so. Jessica's stayed around the house (watching tv, playing Nintendo DS) or layed around the house. Saturday we went to a church fellowship that we host, and she stayed home, not feeling up to it. Sunday my parents had invited us to see a movie (Wall-E), but she said she didn't feel like going, so we stayed home (which was ok with me because I think I'm getting run down!).

Today I was at work, but wish she'd told me to come home. I didn't realize she was feeling as bad as she was. She had a headache all day. And tired - she looks tired! I didn't think she was up to going, so I stopped by to take care of Mia without her today.

We've got the next 5 days off. Hopefully she'll be able to enjoy our relaxing 4th of July.