Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday 7/24/08

Today's Matthew's birthday. Steve & I both are off work. Matthew's original plan was to go to the candy store to use a gift card he got, go to the water park, then Chuck E. Cheese, and dinner at Macaroni Grill (they have good chocolate birthday cake!).

We didn't go to the water park today as Matthew had planned for his birthday. Jessica wasn't up to it. So we went to the movies instead (Space Chimps). Jessica didn't really feel like getting out at all probably. She told me she's "tired, but doesn't want to mess up Matthew's birthday."

We went to Chuck E. Cheese after the movies. Jessica played a couple of games, but mainly sat, and when their grandma showed up, Jessica tried to make pleasant conversation until she couldn't anymore. She wasn't feeling well at all - headache, stomachache, worn out, etc. The stomach ache turns out that she took her pills on an empty stomach. We needed somewhere closeby for her to lay down, so we went to my parents instead of Macaroni Grill, but got take-out from there still.

Jessica slept for a little bit, and later in the evening felt better. It seems that mornings are worse, and late evenings can be better sometimes. Though she doesn't sleep well at night.