Friday, December 12, 2008

We are what we...

There's the saying "we are what we eat," but what about what we THINK. We are what we think. Our attitudes and mindsets make a big difference in our day, our feelings, and spreads to the people around us. Whenever we ask my dad how he's doing or how his day is, his response is always SUPER. If you mimic that attitude, it does make a difference. Whatever our circumstances, we can learn to be content. I read a note from a friend today that says it better...

What do we really mean when we ask each other “how are you doing?” Most of the time it is a surface level comment just to be polite. For most of my life I have tried to maintain a positive mental attitude. However, from time to time I allowed myself, like you probably do as well, to wallow around in self pity. Then I would despise how I felt and change my thoughts. After changing my thoughts I soon found that my reality would change as well. Henry Ford, the famous American who revolutionized automobile manufacturing said, “Thoughts are things.” He was right. Thoughts determine the lens of how we view and perceive the world. And we can consciously change how and what we think. I’ve done it. In the past, when people asked how I was doing my reaction was usually to give a summary of my circumstances. How are you doing? “Oh, pretty good.” How are you doing? “I’ve been better.” These were common answers to the questions. What I found was that what I thought and then spoke became my reality. Literally, one day I woke up and DID NOT like my reality. So I began speaking a desired reality into existence. Now, when asked how I am doing, I always say, “I’m having the BEST day ever!” The reaction from some people is priceless. These usually sound something like: “Wow, I wish I was too,” or, “Gee, that’s great!” and sometimes the brave (or just curious) will ask, “Really? Why’s that?” It’s one of the most frequent questions I get. How can this be your best day ever? I even have one client who argues with me. She says, “I’m having a pretty good day, but it’s not the best day I’ve ever had.” After several attempts to explain the philosophy behind my statement, her exasperation became so great that she just stopped asking me howI was doing! Have the BEST day ever! It is NOT about the circumstances, it’s about your mindset. Each and every one of us has circumstances each day that range from unpleasant to really bad. If you focused on the circumstances, then yes, that becomes your reality. In my book of faith and doctrine it says, “be content in whatever circumstances in which you find yourself. . .” I thought about that a lot and decided that I would give it a try, and have the best day ever. Also, I began to live in the present. It used to be that I could not enjoy the present because of “suffering from mistakes” of my past, and worrying about what would happen in my future. My conclusion is that the only day I have is today. Now. Right now. That’s it, I can’t get back my yesterdays and there is no promise of tomorrow. I only have today. If that isn’t enough of a realization for you to have the best day ever then “snap out of it!” You see it boils down to this. This is the only day you have. Yesterday is gone, forever, and, tomorrow may never come. Yes, this is the best day ever! No matter what your circumstances, IT IS THE BEST DAY EVER! Some always find a way to ask about bad possibilities:“What if you lose your job?” I was out of work when I found this one, so the door for greater opportunity will swing open. Have the BEST day ever! “What if a family member dies?” Then I will celebrate their life and cherish all the memories I have. Have the BEST day ever! What if you die in a car crash on the way home?” According to my book of faith and doctrine, I am promised a new body in a beautiful place, with my Messiah, forever. Now how can that be bad? Have the BEST day ever! Once you determine that you will not be emotionally pushed back and forth by the “things that happen” in your life, you will find that you no longer continue to attract these negatives. Your reality is that you will begin attracting good things in your life. In fact, people will become attracted to you because of your genuine positive charge. The reverse is true of “negative” people. Nobody enjoys their company and most will simply try to avoid them. Take the first step. Tell yourself that this is the BEST day ever. It’s ok if you don’t “feel” it or believe it yet. Just say it. Every time you are asked “how are you doing?” simply say “I’m having the BEST day ever!” Your speaking it will make it your reality! Have the BEST day ever!

Something to think about.


Sil said...

hello, I find your blog today. I'm a sufferer of ME/CFS too, and i'm looking for my way to be's a good idea to write how your daughter goes .
sorry for my english.
bye silvia