Sunday, December 28, 2008

Week of Christmas

It was a good Christmas and a pretty good week; though we did miss the Christmas Eve service due to Jessica not being up to it (with a headache) and the fact that I had a migraine.

We had two families to see on Christmas Day, and a family group of 20 (with about a half a dozen conversations at once!) on Saturday. A movie (Bedtime Stories) on Friday. Returns and exchanges on Sunday and a short Christmas visit with our horse. So, there was plenty of excitment going on, and Jessica may have had a headache here or there, but overall held up pretty well. She got what she wanted for Christmas, was happy about her horseback ride, and we all had a nice Christmas break. After our shopping and a short ride Sunday, Jessica went to bed feeling like she was catching a cold, but I think she was just winding down from our busy holiday weekend.