Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Weekend

It was a pretty good weekend.

Friday Jessica seemed to feel ok, was happy, and even went shoe shopping that afternoon.

Saturday while Matthew was at a friend's birthday party, I took Jessica to see Mia. I groomed Mia, and then Jessica got her saddled up and rode for a short (15 or 20 minute) ride. Jessica got Mia to gallop for the first time, and she was exploding with excitement. That night she was tired, but rested on the couch in front of the tv. After going to bed earlier in the evening, she was awake at 11:00p.m. wishing she could sleep.

Sunday we got our outside lights put up, or most of them. Jessica helped some, and even helped straighten up the house some. But she was anxious to show her dad how well Mia had done the day before. So Steve took her to the stables for a short ride. And she got her to gallop again, and she did well. We had dinner out with my parents after that, so it was a full day. By evening, Jessica was tired and not feeling too well, but rested on the couch while we watched a Christmas movie or two together.