Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Decent Week

So far it's been a decent week. Not normal, but decent. A little tired here and there, but so far, Jessica's made it through her whole school week.

She was sore and achey Monday. She's been somewhat tired Wednesday and Thursday, but made it to class and through both of her classes.

And just when I was thinking that I hadn't heard from her in the middle of the night in a while... Monday night and Wednesday night, she texted me at 11:30p.m. saying she couldn't sleep, so we broke back out the Tylenol PM. Then she slept in till 9:30 or so.

She isn't able to get up earlier, and she has another class (Health) to add to the mix starting tomorrow. (I just realized that the 4th 9 weeks starts tomorrow!-How did that get here so fast?!) Since she can't make it to a 9:40a.m. class, this one will need to be homebound. I had kind of hoped that she'd be up for a 3rd class at school this 9 weeks and then a 4th class starting in the fall.

Tonight Jessica's working on a sewing project - finally getting around to sewing her rug - a (homebound) project that we got her last summer - something fun to do without much exertion from the comfort of our home. The simple things are good!


Waterstone Jewelry said...

I like the rug idea! Take pictures.

The mornings are hard, aren't they? Jessie's worst time is in the morning. A.M. classes are nearly impossible.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

Sue Jackson said...

Hi -

I was wondering how you guys were doing this week, but I haven't been well enough to spend much time at the computer. So glad to hear that Jessica made it to school all week and enjoyed some friend time of the weekend! That's such a big improvement from a few months ago! Jamie was home crashed for 3 days but went back to school yesterday. Hope you have a nice weekend -


Us said...


Yes, mornings are hard! It's hard to get her up when we've needed to.

She's still got to put the foam backing on the rug before it's finished. I'll get a picture then!

I hope you and Jessie and your family have a good weekend too.

Us said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for checking in with us! I'm sorry that you're not having a good week. I hope it's not the Lyme. I hope you're feeling better soon, and you and your family have a good weekend.