Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Weekend

Jessica and my mom went shopping Saturday for swimsuits and summer clothes. They were gone from 11:00 till dinner, when we met them with the rest of the family to celebrate my grandmother's 94th birthday. Jessica did pretty good all week and has seemed to have improved, so this will be a test to see how she fares after an afternoon of shopping. My mom told her that she better not miss any school or they wouldn't get to go together again. I don't really like shopping, but the two of them do, so I'm happy for my mom to take her if Jessica can hold up ok.

Sunday, Steve & Jessica went for a quick visit and short ride in the arena at the stables. (Mia did well.) And then we went to Steve's mom's for a late lunch. The rest of the day was spent at home. Jessica and Matthew spent most of it playing video games together.

Jessica's been in a good mood and feeling good. We'll see how she is tomorrow.


Sue Jackson said...

Wow, a long day of shopping! That's amazing for anyone with CFS. I;m glad she got to get out and enjoy some time with her Grandma.