Friday, March 6, 2009

School Days

I've been concerned about Jessica's credits at school and how this will pan out with the timing for graduation with her class. I emailed her counselor who has told me that they do not allow students to attend any summer school to take any class unless they have failed the class, and Virtual High School is not an option. As far as her credits go:

7.5 credits from 9th grade
1.0 credit for Algebra 2 last semester
2.5 credits for English, History, and Health this semester

It takes 12 credits to be classified as a Junior, but under these circumstances, her counselor will go ahead and classify her as a Junior.

If she gets 8 credits next year, that will make 19. It takes 17 credits to be classified as a Senior.
If she gets 8 credits her senior year, that will make 27... She just needs 26 to graduate.

We'll just take this one semester at a time....


Sue Jackson said...

That's right, Laura - just one semester - even just one day - at a time. You never know what's around the corner - hopefully, Jessica will continue to improve and will be able to take the credits she needs. One day at a time.