Monday, March 23, 2009


The kids and I had planned on going fishing during spring break. Today seemed to be the best day for it, as it might rain the rest of the week. Steve's in the middle of his busy season - tax season - so it's just me and the kids. I invited my dad, and he came along too. But, can you believe it, I actually baited my own hook (with a worm even!) for the first time ever!

Anyway, we took a picnic lunch and headed to the river about noon.

Around our house, our usual question is asked of Jessica daily - "How do you feel?" And this morning when I asked her, she said she was ok. I know I asked her more than once, because she didn't seem too perky and I could hear it in her voice, but she still said she was ok. Until we got safely to the park - then she admitted that she was a little tired.

The four of us fished, with only my dad getting a bite here or there but no one catching anything. Jessica gave up quicker than anyone, and laid on the picnic blanket and took a nap. It was a beautiful day - probably upper 70's and windy - and we actually got a little sunburned.

The kids and I went out to a catfish restaurant for dinner with my parents. After dinner, Jessica was tired, but it's been a fun day.


Sue Jackson said...

It sounds like a fun day! I know just what you mean about always asking Jessica how she feels. We do the same with Jamie, and I can always tell when he says he's fine but he's really not! He gets this glazed look in his eyes and just isn't his usual lively self. It's good that you were able to get out anyway. A day spent napping outdoors at a river sure beats a day spent indoors on the couch, in my eyes!

Did you go to the catfish restaurant you took us to last summer?

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your spring break week!


Us said...

That's it - Jessica gets that glazed look, not as perky, and I can tell by her voice - even when she doesn't want to admit that she's tired.

Yes, we went to that same restaurant! The kids were asking to go.

It's been a pretty good spring break. The week has gone by too fast!