Friday, March 20, 2009

To Finish The Week Off

This week hasn't been too bad. Jessica may have been a little tired here and there, but she made it to all her classes and held up ok.

A part-time lady at work today asked me how Jessica's been doing, and when I told her that she was better, she asked if this was a temporary better or a permanent better. She said she asked because it seemed that she'd been "better" before, and then.... Right now, we're going to enjoy the fact that she's better.

Wednesday, she was tired that morning, but when I picked her up from school she was ready to go see her horse. It was a beautiful sunny 82 degree afternoon with no homework, so I took her. She played with her on the ground and then rode just a little. We weren't there long. She was tired that evening, but it was a happy tired.

Yesterday and today she's felt pretty good. After school today, she again asked to go see Mia. While I was cooking dinner, I drove her out to the stables. She said she just wanted to "chill" with her today - so nothing strenuous. Jessica just enjoyed being out there.

Today was the last day of school before spring break. I've been making a "fun" list for the kids and I for next week. On our list of possibilities are - pizza & arcades, movies, bonfire to roast hot dogs, picnic, fishing... Enjoy your spring break!


Sue Jackson said...

Great to hear Jessica's been doing well and getting to classes - that's wonderful!

82 degrees??? It's back down into the 30's and 40's here - brrr! We celebrated the first day of spring by going to Rita's Water Ice for their annual free ice give-away. We were shivering, but that mango water ice tasted good!

Your plans for spring break sound great. Ours isn't until the week after Easter.

Quite a week here - one of those lost weeks. Jamie's much better now that he's on antibiotics, and Craig has some energy again, even though he's still congested. I'm still run-down and achy - allergies have hit me now. I better get moving and start the taxes - fun, fun, fun!

Enjoy the weekend -


Us said...

Hi Sue, Good to hear from you.

We've had a nice start to spring weather. You never know with Arkansas weather though - At this time of year, we can be running our air conditioner one day and the heater the next.

I'm sorry that you all had a rough week! But glad the boys are starting to feel better. Oh, as far as taxes, since Steve does taxes for a living, ours usually gets put off until tax day.

I hope you're feeling better soon, and hope you all have a good weekend.