Thursday, March 5, 2009


To catch up -
Wednesday - Jessica was in a good mood and doing fairly well, besides the fact that she she was having trouble focusing or concentrating. And that fact doesn't go along with a history test and homework very well, but she did ok on the history test. Part of the homework had to save for the next day.

Thursday - Jessica had a decent day up until the evening. She came home with quite a bit of homework, and when she was just starting it, she got one of those all-of-a-sudden one-sided headaches. She was a little tired too, and after dinner I could see that she really wasn't feeling well, so she laid down and slept for two hours.

The homework that had to be finished was finished, and she's ready for another day.


Waterstone Jewelry said...

Ouch, Jessie gets hit with the one-sided headaches too. She did the other night right as American Idol was going off. It must have been Tuesday. Glad to hear Jessica got everything done. Hope she felt well today and you all have a good weekend.

Us said...

The doctor didn't seem to know the cause of the headaches. And they always come on really all of a sudden.

She has felt better today.
I hope Jessie's feeling well today, and you all have a good weekend too.


Sue Jackson said...

Jamie gets bad headaches, too! And Craig did, too, before he started Florinef (he has almost no symptoms now, as long as he takes his meds and drinks his Gatorade).

It definitely sounds like Jessica is having more good days and fewer bad crash days lately - progress!!

Enjoy the weekend -


Shelli said...

I often get the one-sided headaches. My sister-in-law thought I might have MS, because she has MS and gets one-sided migraines all the time. It was what sent her to the doctor to begin with and how they were able to diagnose her. There are a lot of similarities between the two of us. My tests for MS all came back negative, though. Good or bad? Who knows!

Us said...

I guess the headaches are part of it all. But, yes, Jessica's had more good days, so we're making progress!