Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Back

Today was Jessica's first day (in months) back to school, and it didn't go as well as we'd hoped for. She woke up sick at her stomach, and we didn't know if she'd make it to class or not. We left for class right before noon (with icicles hanging from the trees). When I picked her up at 3:00, after both of her classes, she asked to be taken home before I picked up the boys, because she still wasn't feeling well, and with a headache too. She also said she felt like she was about to pass out while walking across campus to her second class - with very little time to get there. Hopefully if it had been a day when she feeling better, that walk wouldn't be as bad. She's a little tired tonight, but holding up ok.


Renee said...

That is too bad her first day back was difficult. I am wondering if there is a way she can get across campus without using precious energy to walk there? A special cart, scooter, or riding vehicle? Just an idea.
She is in my thoughts for a better day tomorrow!

Laura (aka Mom) said...

Thanks Renee! Actually there is an option. The school has a covered golf cart that was offered for someone to pick her up and drive her across to her class. But, being a teenage girl, she doesn't want the special attention. We'll see how it goes. She's definitely much better than the first of last semester.
Thanks, again.

Sue Jackson said...

I'm so thrilled to hear that Jessica is trying a couple of classes back at school this semester! That's wonderful, and I hope it goes well for her. With the cold (or whatever infection she's had) this week, she may need to stay home and rest, even though it's the first days of the semester. I hope it gets better for her.


Laura (aka Mom) said...

Thanks Sue! We're hoping for the best for this semester too. I think she's got a better chance this semester, and it's good to see her back in school.